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This year I discovered two of my favourite apps; UberEats and SkipTheDishes. I was very excited to learn that I didn’t have to settle for just pizza, wings, fried chicken or Chinese food when I needed a speedy dinner. Now with these two apps (and many others apparently) you have many more options to choose from, like middle eastern cuisine, Sushi, Pho, Mexican, African, West-Indian and great family restaurants like Wild Wings. You can even order Booster Juice or desserts…the possibilities are endless. Having used both of these apps I noticed that there are pros and cons to both, but which one is better and provides the best service, variety and cheaper delivery fees?

Delivery Fees – UberEats comes out on top in terms of delivery fees. They charge a flat rate of $4.99 no matter which restaurant you order from, plus they run a promotional campaign where you receive a discount when someone uses your assigned code and orders from UberEats for the first time. SkipTheDishes, however, does not have a flat rate delivery fee and, depending on which restaurant you order from, can run you anywhere from $5.99 (Boo!) and up. There are some restaurants that offer FREE delivery, but you have to place a minimum order than ranges from $30 – $50. Not bad…I guess.

Variety – This is a matter of personal opinion and I say this because restaurant options depends on your location, so for me SkipTheDishes is a whole lot better. UberEats currently delivers to Toronto and Mississauga only, and whatever the criteria is for choosing what restaurants delivers to which location is a mystery to me. I’ve had food delivered to two different locations that are less than ten minutes apart and each time the restaurant options menu was different. One location provided a ton of different options and the other had a significant drop. SkipTheDishes has better choices for food and definitely wins in terms of variety.

Update – 2017/01/20 – ubereats now delivers to Brampton.

Paying – Both delivery services are tied when it comes to paying for your food. When you sign up for an account you can use a credit or visa debit, which is automatically deducted, so no money ever needs to be exchanged at the door.

Dependability – They both have their flaws. Skipthedishes has extremely slow delivery service, whereas uberEats is on point when it comes to delivering your food on time.

I ordered from an apartment building a few times using Uber and, even though I provided a buzzer code, the drivers constantly asked me to leave my apartment and meet them downstairs. Most of the time I refused because I was under the impression that food was to be delivered to my door. Once I ordered three burgers from Burger Legend and the driver only brought two. I’m not sure if the restaurant forgot the burger or if the driver “misplaced” it but I was refunded the money right away (even though I would have preferred the burger) and if this was a one time occurrence I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all, but this has happened more than once from other restaurants but I’ve never bothered to report it.

If you’re willing to overlook the pricey delivery fees, and slow delivery SkipTheDishes is better if you want variety. If you prefer a flat rate delivery fee and speedy delivery times then UberEats is the way to go. In the end it’s a matter of opinion. This was just mine.

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3 thoughts on “uberEats vs SkipTheDishes

  1. Do not bother with uber eats there promo codes are a scam, there customer service is substandard and we had the experience of our good being covered in coffee when it arrived and uber did nothing about it. Beware of uber eats!

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  2. It’s very normal for delivery drivers to eat a bit of your food. However, they usually don’t take slices of pizza or a burger that is obvious. More often, they might eat a bit of fried rice or noodles in such a way that you wouldn’t notice it missing. In this case I’d be more worried about the hygiene since they might double dip their utensils into your food.


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