uberEats vs SkipTheDishes

        This year I discovered two of my favourite apps; UberEats and SkipTheDishes. I was very excited to learn that I didn’t have to settle for just pizza, wings, fried chicken or Chinese food when I needed a speedy dinner. Now with these two apps (and many others apparently) you have many […]

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Renting in Ontario sucks!

A few years ago a single individual could find a 1 bedroom basement apartment for $600, all inclusive. These days home owners are now renting them for $800 – $900, and some of them still want the tenant to pay for utilities. This new renting increase among home owners is disgusting since mortgages are usually $1400 – […]

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Body Shaming the Skinny

There seems to be a double standard when it comes to body shaming women, even men. For example, why is it okay to say this to a person, “OMG. You’re so skinny! Don’t you eat?” But not okay to say this, “OMG! You’re so fat! You should go on a diet.” No matter how you […]

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