Online Shopping – Who has the slowest/worst delivery times?



When it comes to online shopping, nobody can beat the giant that is Amazon in terms of customer service and delivery speeds. They even have same day delivery for most orders, but with such heavy competition one might think that other online sites would at least try to make an effort to keep their customers coming back. That isn’t the case for the sites that have made this list.

5. Forever21
I love, love, love ordering my clothes from Forever21. They have great quality and their sizes are usually spot on, but orders can take anywhere from 7 – 14 days for delivery. This isn’t too bad, but whenever I contact customer service about the status of my order I usually get ignored or an automated response about their shipping policies.

4. Victoria Secret
I have ordered from Victoria’s Secret twice now and I can promise you that there won’t be a third. At least one item in the order is always in back order, which is usually the item that I want the most. I am currently waiting for an item I ordered on boxing day of 2017.

3. Proactiv
If you like waiting 2-3 weeks for acne treatment then go right ahead and order from Proactiv. There products might be good but their customer service reps are not helpful at all and their delivery speeds are pathetic.

2. Fashion Nova
Yes, they have very affordable clothes, shoes and accessories for students on a budget, but don’t expect your items to arrive in 2 weeks, try a month or longer and when you contact customer service they will blame it on customs. The ‘customs’ excuse is understandable but a complete lie. When my package finally arrived, they had an apology saying sorry for the slow delivery, but if my package was stuck at customs, how do you explain the note in the package? Did you drive to customs and tuck the note in the box (sarcasm), ship my package out later than you said, or are you all just a bunch of liars? Own up to your flaws. You will be respected more for it.

1. Wish
I have a complete blog post dedicated on this website, so I’m just repeating what I said before. Wish is the worst site when it comes to quality and delivery times. Delivery can take up to 3 months! Do I really need to say more?

Do you know any other sites that should be on this list or disagree with my choices? Feel free to share your experience or opinions in the comments section below!

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