Top 5 WORST celebrities of 2017

Here are MY top 5 worst celebrities of 2017. I hope you all do better in 2018, but since you’re all a**holes, I won’t hold my breath.

5. Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese was one of my personal favourite celebrities, not just for his work on the Fast and Furious films but because of his positive and downright funny personality on social media. He promoted that black power vibe at every opportunity, but after this year and upon closer inspection of his social media accounts, Tyrese comes off as a selfish, jealous and entitled a**hole. He is constantly roasting his baby mama on social media, bragging about his trips, material possessions and celebrity friends all while claiming he was broke and needs money from said rich millionaire friends who refuse to give him this money. Not to mention his mental breakdown and unprovoked attack on The Rock who’s just doing what he’s suppose to do; make money. On a side note Tyrese is currently posting photos about his expensive trips and such on his Instagram. Guess he wasn’t really broke?  My advice to Tyrese for 2018 is to pull your head out your arrogant a** and leave The Rock alone because your black card is about to be revoked. Hater!

4. Kendall and Kylie Jenner
The entire Kardashian and Jenner clan are probably a bunch of the worst celebrities of all time, but this year these two have done some of the shadiest things. First, they plagiarised a bunch of t-shirts from dead and alive artists. How they could possibly think they were worthy enough to put their faces next to Tupac Shakur is a new level of arrogance and self-praise. And who could forget the racist Pepsi commercial Kendall did? The innocent act will only get you so far. She knew what she was doing. My advice for these girls for 2018 is slither away from the spotlight and come back in a few years.

3. Justin Bieber
Sorry, but no amount of praying will erase the disgusting things he’s done in the past. It’s going to take more than that, a lot more, because I can still remember him egging a house, abandoning a monkey and peeing in a bucket. Justin went from headbutting a man this year to scampering off to a church in an attempt to fix his negative image, but unfortunately his sins are forever seared into our brains. His weak attempt at going to church just seems like a ploy to win back Selena. My advice for Justin Bieber in 2018 is to stay away from Selena Gomez and keep praying. Maybe one day we’ll see the change…or not.

2. Trump
Trump has spent all of 2017 trying to erase everything that Barack Obama did. It just looks like he’s using his presidency to be petty and cater to his rich friends. Trump has been insulting people on social media and fretting over football players. I’m not American, do not have a personal issue with POTUS and usually do not get involved in American politics, or politics altogether, but my advice for Trump in 2018 is to stay off Twitter and run the country, preferably not straight into the ground.

1. Harvey Weinstein 
I don’t think I need to elaborate on what he did. The world knows. I don’t have any advice for Harvey at all for 2018. I just hope I never hear his name in the news ever again and that karma comes for him like a thief in the night.

Happy 2018!


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