The IPSY Glam Bag (July Spoilers)






I was super excited when my sister told me about the subscription service offered by IPSY for a monthly glam bag. For $10 a month they select 5 random items based on your personal preferences, and if you count the bag they send the products in that’s 6 items! Some fine print about that $10; it doesn’t include the shipping or taxes, so you’re actually looking at $19.99 a month. Is it worth the price? Hell yes, and here’s why!


How it works
First you need to visit and register. They’ll ask you questions about your skin tone, eye colour, and favourite brands in order to send you the best match. Then you can choose to go month to month for $10 or pay for the whole year. I chose the month to month option because I needed to try it out first, but that was just my personal preference. Just a little fine print about that $10; it does not include the taxes or shipping, so you’re actually looking at $19.99 a month when you add it all up. Is it worth it? Hell yes and here’s why!


The bag – Each month you get a new bag that holds all your beauty products. This month it is a very sweet and super cute bag with the logo Gudetama and a lazy egg on the front. I couldn’t find the exact price but while searching sites like ebay it goes for around $6 US.

IBY Beauty Crease Brush – To me this looks like a very typical brush. Nothing special. It costs $12 on the brand website.

AHAVA Deadsea Mineral Hand Cream 40 ml – This lotion smells delicious. I want to dive into a pool full of it. I went to the brand website and could not find the size, which is a 40ml/1.3 oz, but on Sephora it costs $12.

ipsy5Ciate London Wonderland Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner, Black – Yes, that is a mouthful, but name aside it works wonders. One end is the liner and the other end is a brush so you can do lots of neat tricks to get that smokey eye or winged look. The website also provides you with make-up videos for those who want to try something a little extra with this product. This eyeliner is also available at Sephora and goes for $22 a pop.


OFRA cosmetics gold rush eyeshadow – You get about 2g in the glam bag, which isn’t much. I looked around for the price but only found the 4g for $12. The one in the IPSY glam bag looks more like a sample. This is the only thing I’m not too thrilled about, but I’ll find use for it somehow.

Trifle Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple – OmbrĂ© Radiance Blush Palette 3gram – I thought the liner was a mouthful. Who comes up with these names? Anyways, this palette has very pretty colours. I haven’t used it yet, but if you’re like me and aren’t sure what to do with it to make it blend just log back into your account for some helpful tips. If you go to the brand website it costs $17.95.

So if you add all these items up (and these figures aren’t 100% accurate) then subtract the monthly payment, you’re looking at HUGE savings on beauty products. That and it is also fun and exciting because each month is a surprise.



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